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Big Boss, liquid and solidus

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Big Boss, liquid and solidus
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Big Boss/Naked Snake


Big Boss the greatest 20th century soldier. He Was raised by the boss. him and her together developed CQC.He was sent to aisa to rescue sokolov but found out about the shagohod.He then teams up with EVA and together they kill Volgin and destroy the Shagohod.Later Big Boss kills The Boss.After that Big Boss gos on and makes Outer Heaven.

Liquid Snake


Lquid snake is Solid snakes twin brother.Hes 1 of the other two clones of big boss.Hes the one who was basicly boss at the shadow moses incident.At the end of MGS1 he dies in front of snake and otacon. Then later to find out ocelot whos hand was just recently cut off took liquids arm and attached it to his. now whenever snakes around ocelot liquid takes control of him.


Solidus Snake



Solidus Snake is the other 1 of the two clones.He is said to be the stronger of the three.He trained raiden as a boy.He also had control of a group of terrissts called dead cell.he was once president of the United states under the fake identity of george seres but was removed from office.Raiden killed him on top of Federal haul.

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