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The Metal Gears

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The Shagohod(1961)


The shagohod was created by Sokolov in 1961. It was the very first metal gear capeable of launching nuclear IRBMs.The weopons were 1 Nuclear Missile,6 surface to air missles,1 machine gun pod,1 aa machine gun,and 1 heavy machine gun.It was destroyed by "Naked Snake" or "big Boss".

Metal gear TX-55(1995)


The tx-55 is the second metal gear.This is the first one that "Solid Snake" took on.This was an early version of the D.The weopons were a vulcan cannon,a 6 load missle pod,and 1 nuclear missle.


Metal Gear D (1999)


The metal gear D is a completed version of metal gear tx-55.It was desinged in zanzibar during the zanzibar riot.Its weopons were a vulcan cannon,a 6 load missle pod,and 1 nuclear missle.It was destroyed by "Solid Snake".

Metal Gear Rex (2005)



Metal gear rex was the third metal gear.It was made on the shadow moses island.The creator was Hal Emmerich or "Otacon".The weopons were 2 machine guns,a vulcan cannon,a railgun,and 8 nukes on its back.It was destroyed by who else "solid Snake".

Metal gear ray (2007)



Metal gear Ray was developed by the marines.It is amphibious and can land on any shoreline.25 rays protected arsenal gear.The weopons were 2 vulcan cannons,2 missle pods,and a hydro cutter.It was defeated by raiden.

Arsenal Gear (2009)


Arsenal gear is the 5th metal gear.It was desined to control the flow of was guarded by an army of 25 mass prouduced ray units.It crashed into Federal Haul after the AI went crazy.It was armed with 1000 nuclear warheads and 1 purified hydregin bomb.

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